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  Used Concession Equipment - Used Slush Puppie Machines
Used Slush Puppie 100-F Machine - 6 Flavors
Used Slush Puppie 100-F Machine - 6  Flavors

Our 100-F Slush Puppy Machine is known as the Sherman Tank of slushie machines. This well known brand is all stainless steel, which means virtually no plastic. It has a stainless steel auger, inside drum, outside cabinet, and inner parts. This long lasting concession equipment is simplistic in design - with less parts to break, easy to clean, and easy to fix.

  • Holds 10 gallons of frozen drink product
  • High volume machine
  • Dimensions: 62" H x 15" W x 19.5" D
  • Optional features available
  • Allen Associates Guarantee

Includes new marketing point-of-sale stickers, which makes it easier for you to sell. Cup dispenser are sold Seperately. These machines can often be found at local corner stores, town little league food stands, Pop Warner concession stands, booster club snack bars, bowling centers, ice rinks, soccer stadiums, sports arenas, swim clubs, and even in homes and rec rooms.

Recommended yearly maintenance includes: Cleaning the machine, Replacing and lubricating O-rings. Before your machine leaves our faciltiy it goes through a14 Point Preventative Maintenance check to assure it arrives to your in Excellent working condition. If you have questions, call us anytime for help.

Equipment Condition: "Equipment Condition Rating"

  • Mechanically-Very Good
  • Cosmetically- Very Good

Preowned cup dispenser $39.95 each

16 oz Slushie Frozen Drink product cost is approxiamately $.32 with a retail of $1.50. Gross Profit 78%. All of our Slush Puppie Machines are bench tested with product by factory trained technicians. The suggested retail price per cup is $1.50 (for 14/16 oz. servings), Cost = $ .32, Profit $1.18 per drink.

Electrical 120V
No Water Lines
No Drain Lines

Shipping:We will ship anywhere in the continental US for $175.00 to a commercial location with a loading dock or to a local terminal for pickup. Other Shipping Options!

Item No. Description Amount Qty.
100F-6-R Used Slush Puppie 100-F Machine - 6 Flavors New: $3,995.00 Reconditio $1,295.00  
SCD-R Small Cup Dispenser-Used $39.95  
LCD-R Large Cup Dispenser-Used $39.95  

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