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  Frozen Drink Machines
Thelmas Lemonade Machine
Thelmas Lemonade Machine

Thelma's Frozen Lemonade Machine Two Bowl. Ideal for convenience stores or snack bars with heavy traffic. GREAT MONEY MAKER!!! Makes wonderful frozen Thelmas Lemonade and reliable. Demographics: 11-15 year olds Colorful Flavorful Tart "Treat"

  • Two Bowl Cab Thelmas Slush Machine
  • Very Reliable
  • Simple in design
  • Very Good Visualablity
  • 2.5 Gallons Capicity per side
  • Includes Free Starter Kit: 4 cases Thelmas Base (4 Flavors Available)

The suggested retail price per cup is $1.50 (14/16 oz. servings). At ourprogram cost, when you sell876servings at the suggested retail price, you will see a return on investment of $1314.00. (Non Auto fill Ready)

Cannot ship UPS - shipping costs not included. Please call 1-800-333-1478 for freight costs.

Item No. Item Amount Qty.
Cab-TL Thelmas Lemonade Machine $2,999.00

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