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Waffles on a Stick

Looking for a Quick New Fun Food?

  • What a perfect Grab 'n Go item to add to your food offerings.
  • Add a piece of chicken, a hot dog or sausage warmed up inside a delicious Waffle batter.
  • I can see the profits rolling in.


  1. Gold Medal Old Fashioned Belgian Waffle Mix
  2. Seas’n Kleen Grid Spray
  3. Setter Stick
  4. Your choice of Meat/chicken tenders etc

waffles on a stick

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Combine 8 Ounces of water with 5 lbs of dry waffle mix.
  2. Blend with wire whip for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Rest for 10 minutes
  4. Reblend ingredients
  5. Spray both grids of baker with Seas’n Kleen
  6. Add 2 oz of batter to waffle iron, Add precooked chicken tender on Setter Stick, bake for 4 minutes

money cloudWaffles on a Stick Profit

How many can YOU sell a day?

Gross Profit: 73%

(Enter Quantity)

Profit/Serving Profit/Day profit/Year
10 (example) $1.84 $18.40 $6,716.00
1.84 46.00 16,790.00

*Cost of meat, gravy, syrup, whipped cream not included
**Customer owned equipment
***Based on selling 16 oz. serving for $2.49

Equipment Needed:

waffles on a stick 5044 lrg

Gold Medal Waffle Dog Baker


  Roll-over feature for even cooking 
  Makes 5 pieces at a time 
  Possibilities include
-Chicken Tenders on a stick
-Sausage on a stick
-Cheese on a stick
-Baked Corn Dogs
-Fudge Puppies


  Item#: 5044
  Dimensions: 10"w x 23.5"d x 13"h 
  Watts: 1660
  Voltage: 120 
  Weight: 42 lbs

waffles on a stick 5535

Gold Medal Waffle Dog Display Case (Optional)


  Motorized and lighted cabinet to grab your customers attention 
  Displayed products sell!


  Item#: 5530
  Dimensions: 18"w x 18"d x 28" H 
  Watts: 80
  Voltage: 120 
  Weight: 53 lbs

Call for pricing 1-800-333-1478

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