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  • As simple as scooping popcorn, our cutting edge warming display case serves 40-45 bite-size cookies in each serving.
  • The fully baked Crispy Critters pour from sealed bags directly into the warmer and within minutes are hot and ready for your customers to enjoy.
  • There is no refrigeration, no preparation and no baking required.
  • In addition, there is NO WASTE! Use of our 10 oz branded cups ensures serving portions are consistent and inventory controlled.
  • Tastes awesome.
  • Improves the per Cap naturally, and takes a bite out of boring menu selections.
  • Once the Customer tries them it becomes an impulse that extends on every visit.
  • Crispy Critters have become our patrons’ favorite Concession item…

Cookie Equipment

crispy critters equip

Crispy Critters Display Warmer


  Dimensions: 13"w x 13"d x 20"h
  Voltage: 120

Call for pricing 1-800-333-1478

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