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Like all the programs that Allen offers, we will help you add nachos to your menu and also support you with everything required to maximize profits. We do not drop the box at your door and leave you hanging. We have state-of- the-art equipment for large and small venues, point- of-sale materials to attract attention and drive sales, and superior Ricos Products. Ricos offers the finest products to serve perfect nachos every time and they were the inventors of nachos back in the early '70s. (See below)

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Gross Profit: 68%

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10 (example) $1.36 $13.60 $4,964.00
1.36 34.00 12,410.00

*Customer owned equipment
**Based on selling serving for $1.99

The Origin and History of Nacho

In 1976, Frank Liberto, CEO of Ricos Products Company, came up with an idea for a new concession menu item. That year at Arlington Stadium in Texas, the idea became a reality. Baseball fans were treated to a new taste. A delicious dish consisting of fried tortillas with cheese sauce and jalapeño peppers. What were they served? RICOS NACHOS!!

ricos nachos funricos nachos fun1ricos nachos fun2ricos nachos fun3

As difficult as it is to tell in today’s marketplace, nachos were not an immediate success. It took many months of traveling to various tradeshows nationwide to get the nacho craze started. The biggest challenge was to convince people that nachos were not just a Southwestern item, but an item that would increase concessionaire profits across the country. It was proven that nachos would not cannibalize sales from other products; rather, it had the opposite effect – sales increased. Drink sales skyrocketed, due mainly to the spiced-right formula of the jalapeño peppers and cheese sauce. Popcorn and other concession items maintained their profitable positions. It was quickly determined that nachos created “new found money,” money that wasn’t previously spent by the concession customer.

In 1992, a new concept for nachos was introduced to the marketplace by Ricos. It was Portion Pack Cheese for Nachos. An aseptically sealed, portion controlled cheese cup, designed to offer benefits never before associated with concession nachos. Since then, an aseptically packaged pouch cheese served through an automatic dispenser pump has gained in popularity in many theatre and stadium concession stands throughout the world.

Nacho Equipment Choices

ricos nachos threebutton

Ricos Three Button Portion Controlled Nacho Cheese Dispenser

  Three Programmable Portion sizes timed or manual dispense
  Virtually no clean up
  Preheating area for second bag backup cheese
  Maintains cheese temp 140-155F (adjustable)
  Dimensions 10"W x 16.5"D x 27.3"H
  120 Volts, 225 watts
  29 lbs
  Optional Chip Warmer shown

ricos nachos 5581

Gold Medal Model 5581 Portion Pak Cheese Warmer

  Perfect for higher volume locations like theaters and concession stands
  Offers easy accountability and portion control
  18.5" w x 18.5" D x 23" H
  520 Watts
  120 Volts
  Shipping Weight 58 lbs

ricos nachos 5330

Gold Medal 5330 Nacho Cheese Cup Warmer

  Ideal for Grab N Go locations like convenience store or lower volume snack bars
  No waste, no mess
  11.5"W x 16.5"D x 12.5"H
  9 lbs
  Capacity 32 cups

ricos nachos cheeze

(Bulk 140 oz Hot N Easy Cheese)


ricos nachos chili

(Bulk 140 oz Chili)


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Service Map

Service Map

Nacho Machines

Delight your customers with wonderful cheddar and jalapeno cheese sauces. Save time and money with no wasted cheese, thanks to precise portion control packets and pumps. The cheese sauces never touch the equipment, so you don’t need to spend time cleaning. The delicious sauces go right from the shelf into the dispenser with no refrigeration or preparation necessary to create a hassle-free selling and buying experience.



5339 Chip Rack (Mounts on top of 5330)

5339 Chip Rack (Mounts on top of 5330)

2186ST GM Chip Warmer

2186ST GM Chip Warmer

Cheese Dispenser

Cheese Dispenser

5330 Portion Cup Warmer

5330 Portion Cup Warmer

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